What A Difference A Day Makes

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The past five months have been a whirl wind extravaganza. I mean, I know I set some goals & targets for myself but I never thought it would be as busy as it has been. Having found a mini quiet oasis of time I thought I’d collect my thoughts and let you all know what’s been happening. After celebrating my blog’s first birthday I announced that I wanted to write editorially for an interiors magazine. With many truly fabulous publications out there I thought long and hard about who I’d really like to work with and finally I can let you all know that I will be writing for 91 Magazine as a Contributor. It’s such an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful to Caroline, Hannah and Charlotte for having me. 

I’m also going to be the official blogger for #meettheblogger taking place in Amsterdam this year and I’m tremendously excited about the event. Not only will I get to meet all my fellow bloggers but it’s also my first time at the dam and I can’t wait to see, eat and sight-see as well as learn all there is to know about bloggersville. I’ve also been offered another huge project of which my lips are firmly sealed but it’s a colossal opportunity and I think my head is still on cloud nine! Eeeeeeeeek! I’m just completely humbled all these opportunities that have come my way. The past five months have made me realise the importance of always being true to yourself and never being fake or discouraged by other people’s doubts, loss of faith and even those doubting Thomas’ who may snigger. 

Thank you to everyone who has been there from the beginning and to my readers and followers alike who have made my blog what it is today.

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