Grand Designs 2012 Round Up

Last weekend I took a trip down to Grand Designs LIVE 2012. I usually take a sneaky peek each year and take my time to look around but this year due to time constraints (booooo) I took a little whistle-stop-tour. I like attending this show as I find it slightly more personable and fun than the others. Whilst there I took a mini tour of DULUX new colour trends courtesy of Marianne Shillingford – Creative Director at DULUX. There were four distinctive trends this year, each embodying a fun creative yet unique concept. 
One Small Seed: Colours – Blue Seduction 6, Paradise Green 2, Rose Trellis 1
Rediscovered Heroes: Colours – Hawaiian Blue 2, Cocoa Blush 2, Sunflower Symphony 3
Living Scrapbook: Colours – Fire Cracker 4, Velvet Touch 4, 
Delicate Mix: Colours – Urban Obsession, Wholemeal Honey 5, Jungle Ginger 2
Having had a quick browse around I’ve chosen my top picks at this years show:

I loved this because 1) It resonates with project 5 (for all my KLCers) and 2) It’s such a neat way of concealing your home TV whilst using your home cinema. I like the way the TV concealment blends in well with the rest of the scheme. I was also told that you can use this technology on any surface including stone. The stone would be flush to the wall and comes out then up to relieve the flat screen TV – Genius!

This was my favourite of the event! Obe & Co. Design is run by the talented Graham who is not only passionate about design but has an amazing story to tell in relation to how he got to where he is today. What I loved about these lights was that they are so versatile whilst allowing you to change up the feel of a space. EXCLUSIVE:  Graham will share his story with me and feature in my Beyond Creative series soon so stay tuned!

This year I was very impressed by the Grand Theatre. When I stopped by it was packed to the brim full of budding creatives. Covering a wide range of topics from property to interiors, garden to self-builds there was definitely something there to suit everyone.

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