Review: Birthday At Kimchee

Don’t you just love a good birthday celebration / shin-dig! Finally I get to share my birthday celebrations with you! Thank you so much everyone for all the birthday tweets, Facebook messages and lovely texts. I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and blog followers. I’m always partial to a good ol’ shin-dig and this time it’s a bit of a double whammy. I was not only celebrating my blogs first birthday in the same month but my own. Yep, I turned *cough cough* and speaking of coughing….armed with the remnants of flu I opted for a nice quiet, intimate celebration and took Mama HOP out to try something new. Korean is something I’ve never tried before and as life is all about new experiences I decided to enjoy a wonderful birthday lunch courtesy of Kimchee

Kimchee was a restaurant I stumbled across and love due to its natural, organic design. Only open for just under a year I really felt that this was the right place to celebrate another fabulous year.

Being completely new to the Korean culinary delights I decided to kick off the celebrations and cheers with a few cocktails, mainly Bora Blue and Siju Red, to get me into the Far-Eastern mood. Whilst sipping on my cocktail I had a snoop at the interior, which truly was beautiful. Forget the miserable rainy weather outside, inside was like a tranquil Far-Eastern retreat! – Simple wooden structures dividing the space along with beautiful lantern style lighting. The interior was smart and sharp and the great thing about this interior space was the way that the chiefs quarters were incorporated into the design. Behind glass you can see the chiefs at work, cooking up amazing, mouthwatering dishes. The aroma was simply heavenly, full of oriental spices.

I’m not even gonna lie, all the food on the menu sounded delicious however, I wanted to do my first Korean experience justice and asked the staff what the most authentic dishes were and what I couldn’t leave without trying! Of course I had to try ‘Kimchee’ their signature side dish along with the spicy calamari. If you take a trip up here you MUST try the calamari! To complement the starter Mama HOP had the seafood & soft tofu jjigae, which came sizzling hot! Full of spice and flavours this was a typical Korean dish and is a favourite at Kimchee.

I had to try the beef bulgogi with Korean rice, which came on a sizzling platter, smoking hot, full of flavour and tasted delicious. The dishes were also great for sharing too for those of you who suffer from food envy (hands up).

Back to the decor though….for me, when dining out I always look for, not just a venue that has the most amazing food but also a unique aesthetic. I definitely feel that Kimchee has an aesthetic not many UK  restaurants can match. I like the way they have divided up the space with these rich, dark wooden beams, allowing light to flow through. It also allows the space to feel open yet at the same time sectioning it off from the rest of the restaurant – great for a private party. I also love these little lanterns on the table. I thought these were so beautiful and just added a great oriental touch to the space.

And it didn’t stop there! You can really tell that the designers have thought this through in terms of space and design. One of my favourite elements was the stone surface walls. The colour really suits and the texture just gives it that zen like feeling.

If you fancy trying some authentic Korean delights in a beautiful, inspiring setting I would certainly recommend that you stop by and check it out. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a nice venue for a special do then this space definitely gets the thumbs up!

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