A Walk Down ‘Marylebone’ Lane

I’m always so inspired by the architecture and aesthetic of London Town and after my meeting yesterday morning I remembered that Marylebone Highstreet was just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. I haven’t ventured down Baker Street for donkeys’ years but once there, I was reminded of how beautiful the area actually is. 

So with time to spare, kicking off my sunny weekend early, I took a leisurely stroll down Marylebone Highstreet – known for its trendy interior finds. What started however, as a relaxed interior-fix around the shops quickly turned into a fun-filled eye candy, blog shopping spree.     Remembering that the good ol’ Conran Shop was located there I dived in to see what new collections they had. I’ve gotta say, I truly loved these beautiful butterfly picture frames. I’m a traveller at heart and really love the mix of something personal, matched with beauty and a little modern twist. These frames really do sum up my aesthetic as well as a great way to add subtle colour and character to a space. I also had to add these clocks to my interior wish list! This is the modern take on the coo-coo clock. I like the way that it’s very modern and clean but still has that ol’ skool charm about it!

Once I came down from Conran heaven I got a pleasant surprise at Skandium. Before I utter another word I must talk about this magazine/cushion rack below. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this rack! It’s chic yet simple and I love the wood colour, texture and finish. Everything about this rack screams Mezza! (…and breathe…) Next on my list are these pretty little ceramic paper bags. I’m not usually one for ornaments but this….this I love! Believe me, there was a lotta love going on in this store and now it’s certainly one of my favourites. If you ever pop down to the Marylebone store be sure to check out their lighting range. The one below caught my creative eye!

Next of my creative stroll (and wish list) I wandered into Cologne & Cotton. To be fair (and you can slap my wrist) I’ve never stepped foot inside this store until yesterday but I’m so glad I did. With nice, soft cotton textiles it reminds me of those ‘Made In England’ bedsheets and lush towels my mum used to buy for me as a child, which are still going strong. The point is, these textiles scream quality, vintage and British. Also, if you’re looking for a summer scent to spritz up your home you should also try their home fragrance range. These did tickle my sensors – Ooo Errr Misses!

All-in-all I had a pleasant, sunny, afternoon and it does make you realise that there is just so much to see, do and discover in and around London.

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