It’s The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza

Happy Easter Everyone! There’s just so much about Easter that resonates with optimism and opportunity. It also means that summer is just around the corner too – Whoohoo! So as you all know I’ve been quite obsessed with The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt and not just because of the creativity behind it but because they have been designed by some very talented individuals. Rewind a few weeks back and you would have seen from my last egg post many of these amazing eggs have been designed by designers such as Candy & Candy, Zaha Hadid, Sophie Conran and the Jason Bruges Studio. 

I haven’t forgotten my fashion fashionistas! Mary Katrantzou, Mulberry and the lovely Diane Von Furstenberg have all designed eggs for the big hunt.

Whilst we’ve all…OK, I’ve been snapping pics on my iPhone of these beautiful eggs for fun, these eggs have been lovingly created for a good cause. Both the Action for Children and the Elephant Family charities are the reason why these eggs are here. With Action for Children aiming to support venerable and neglected children and the Elephant Family supporting the plight of and fighting against the extinction of our elephants and their habitats they symbolise, new life, opportunity and new beginnings – hence the egg themed hunt!

Having found Wally – Whoohoo! I went on to snap some of the eggs that really captured my creative taste buds. With so many gorgeous eggs I found it so hard to pick a favourite… although in the end, I did manage to choose one. Above I’ve included a collection of a few of my favourites, including A Penny For Your Thoughts below.

Ta Da! This egg created by Siken Favours below was the ultimate HOP favourite. I know there are so many, 210 to be exact, but I really loved the way the fabric drapes around the egg like a cocoon. The bow is perfectly tied and looks like its just waiting to hatch.  

Another egg created by a top designer was Arden by Melissa White. Some of you may remember me talking about the lovely Melissa in my Bloggers Lunch post. It was such a pleasure to meet her as not only has she designed the new Arden Collection for interiors company Zaffany but she has also designed egg No.189! I couldn’t help but wonder how these eggs were designed…luckily Melissa was on hand to show me how she created her fabergé egg.

Images credited: My Ownl/ Melissa White

Happy Easter from HOP

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