Welcome Bloggers

Through my tweeting travels I get to meet some really nice people including a lovely group of girls who are both studying the same course as me via KLC and also fellow bloggers. I love interacting with fellow bloggers and as we all know, bloggersville is big enough for all of us. So it’s such a pleasure to welcome the new kid on the blog Kelly Sparkes of DesignLint

I’m so exciting to introduce you all to her and I know you’ll make her feel at home. Here’s a few words from Kelly…

“2012 is the year of two resolutions – to get cracking on twitter, and to finally get the blog I started back in September live. I tackled the easiest first and started using twitter more.  I absolutely love it.  I didn’t know anyone with an interest in Interior Design before, but after just a few months, I’ve been in contact with so many inspiring, creative designers and writers that I was motivated to get back on track with my own blog.
I am passionate about all things design, especially interiors and absolutely love staying in hotels.  I spend my spare time making things, working on my KLC course and attending design events.  I hope that Designlint will become a good mix of all of this and reviews of things I have found useful, beautiful or would recommend. 
So that’s the plan. I know my blog will evolve over time as I develop and find out what I personally like writing about and what my followers (hopefully!) want to see”

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