London Design Week 2012

What a great start it was to London Design Week! Great weather, lots of natural light and tones of lush new collections to view! Last weekend (March 11) saw the launch of London Design Week and the time of year that I get very excited about what the new seasons colours and collections have to offer. Following on from my Bloggers Lunch with Sanderson and JVB I explored the rest of the design centre at The Harbour to see what the other design houses/showrooms had to offer. First off I really liked the design centres colour theme and concept this year. Simon Lycett – Floral Designer, worked his magic along with Creative Consultant to the centre – Wendy Harrop to beautifully transform the space into a pink orchard, which added a touch of spring to the show.

The first stop was Chaplins, a showroom new to the Design Centre. I really liked their pieces, which were both intriguing and unique. I love this take on the classic glass table. The swirls and curves in the table stand are just gorgeous. Again, this sectioned mirror was a great eye-catching piece for me. If you’re looking to make a grand statement in your home, this will certainly help in achieving that. 

I must admit I’m a fan of Romo as I am always guaranteed to find something that will wow me in some way, shape or form. This season was no exception. The running theme in design seems to be ‘Made in Britain’ and I liked the way Romo incorporated this into their showroom display with their ‘Cirrus’ collection with deck-chairs and jam jar covered lids – very British. These prints were a clear winner for me. 

Colefax & Fowler prints also impressed me along with their bright pops of colour. Hot pinks, tangerines matched with sky blues and prints – such a great collection. 

Leather collections can sometimes be quite limited but Edelman located right at the top of the design centre are never afraid to experiment and develop new colours, textures and patterns. Neon yellows, matt and patent blacks were just a few key features this season. Head to Edelman for great leather concept ideas for the home or your next interiors project. 

Credited Image: (Right) SCION

One of my favourites were Harlequin. Their new collection of prints for fabric and wall coverings were lush, fresh and embodied the key trends. I particularly liked SCION, a brand new to the Harlequin group. I loved their bright pops of colour, their stripes and prints and the element of fun that this collection brings.

After my tour of the design centre I hopped in the LDW car to check out the other showroom collections. One that I must let you all know about is Osborne and Little’s collection, in particular the new collection by Locra. I loved the great, rich choice of colours here. The volume of colour and texture has been cranked up to give a lush, rich tone and style.

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