London Design Week 2012: Bloggers Lunch – Sanderson/JVB

As part of London Design Week I was invited to an exclusive Bloggers Lunch and the opportunity to have a intimate chat with Liz Cann – Design Director of Sanderson & Zoffany and Justin Van Breda Designer at JVB. Over lunch I discovered more about the iconic brand that is Sanderson, the latest trends and some key secrets behind JVB. I also had the pleasure of meeting famous photographer & writer for the Evening Standards – Home & Gardens Barbara Chandler who stopped by to say ‘Hi’.
Images supplied by Murray Weir Willats PR
New to the Sanderson family is the Colour for Living Collection. I love the bright pops of colour and with Tangerine being the key colour for 2012 I think they really nailed it here. Florals is a trend which seems to follow through each year but this year the key is poppies
Images supplied by Murray Weir Willats PR
Arden has been created and inspired by Designer & Painter of historic interiors Melissa White for Zoffany. I had the immense pleasure of talking with her in depth about what inspired this new collection and her collaboration with Zoffany. Influenced by the Elizabethan decadence and style Melissa was inspired the frescos discovered by that era. These fresco style prints really do lift off the fabric and wall coverings yet have a fresh, exciting twist achieved by the colour palette. The collaboration between the two were a perfect marriage between the brands rich, English heritage and Melissa’s elegant fresco craft. 
Next I had a tour of the JVB furniture showroom where Justin, the Designer, kindly showed me the latest pieces to hit the showroom. JVB who specialise in exquisite pieces from across the globe have a great selection this season. I’ve picked a few below, which have a nice Asian feel. You can clearly see that each piece is hand made and finished to a high standard.

JVB also run an interior design service and over lunch Justin talked about the internship programme they run. Justin is very much into encouraging fresh talent into the industry and believes that an internship must educate the intern and not just ‘fill their time’. Taking on interns from KLC, JVB has a detailed, structured programme that teaches everything from interior admin to dealing with clients to specifications.

Images supplied byMurray Weir Willats PR 

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