Heart Home Magazine: Edition 3

It’s been an extremely busy yet exciting time for me at HOP but at the same time I know that it’s very important to take a break, kick-back once in a while and see what else is going on. So this weekend was the perfect time to chillax with a cuppa tea and Heart Home Magazine’s third edition!
Having had a good ol’ read of this magazine there are certainly loads of juicy tip-bits and interior finds in particular the feature From Here to Modernity. I love the Scandinavian design style here and the way the scheme has been put together, which really shows the home owners and interior wiz – Mini Moderns personal style. This article is definitely my favourite piece in the magazine and is such a great read. 
All Images credited: Heart Home Magazine
Another little touch I always like and I’m so glad that there is more of it in this edition is the Style Steal. It’s always intriguing to discover how to steal-the-style and replicate it in your own home and with this edition we get even more tip-bits on how to implement some of the key styles from each feature. 
Another HOP favourite is the Jubilant Jubilee feature, which highlights some great pieces to get us into a jubilant mood ahead of the Queens Jubilee. 
EXCLUSIVE: Look out for Annie Little’s products – soon to be featured at HOP.

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