The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt: Mini Egg Feature

As you are all probably aware, from my many tweets and Instagram images, I am rapidly becoming obsessed with The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt – and how could really blame me! Each egg has been designed by either a designer, jeweller or fabulous creative so whenever I spot one of those cheeky, jolly eggs I can’t help but get my Iphone out an take a quick snap. The egg hunt is a charity eggs-travaganza in aid of The Elephant Family and Action for Children charities. Having checked out the designers involved I discovered that a fair few of them are linked to the interiors world (see the connection lol). As I’m planning on a bigger feature during Easter I thought I’d share a selection of eggs I’ve snapped along the way.

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt from we are fallon on Vimeo.

If you’re enthused like me about the Big Egg Hunt you can also pop into the pop-up shop which is located in Selfridges – London next to the stationary department on the ground floor. 

Happy Egg Hunting!!  

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