Keeping Everything In Focus

After the huge success of January I kinda got swept up in blogging away & my own stuff  and I started to feel as though I’d lost my focus in a way. My main aim this year is to complete my course and of-course to break into the Interior Design industry. The past couple of weeks of February have been busy, busy, busy, so having met up with my lovely friend Sam of Bright Space and having finally met the wonderful Andrew Dunning of APD Interiors it made me sit up and think about what my next move should be in moving forward. So I sat down with a coffee (as you do) and thought, being inspired by my fellow KLC girls I should have a dedicated ‘Study Day’. I’m now dedicating my Saturday to focus on my coursework, researching products and discovering more about interior design (like that’s going to be a chore).

Secondly, having a full-time job whilst blogging,  I was finding it difficult to find time to work for a designer as the only time I have available is beyond 5pm. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and I am now planning on dedicating Sunday’s to working alongside a designer. Now that IS dedication as my Sunday’s are extremely precious! In addition to all of the above, I’ll still be attending interior events and covering London Design Week etc as I could never miss out on that. Plus I will be enrolling on Holly Becker’s BYW course as well as planning my trip to Amsterdam for ‘Meet The Blogger 2012’…and by the sounds of it, some of my KLC girls are too –  Yippeeeee!

Whoa, with so much going on I can see 2012 is shaping into a wonderful year already!

Images Credited Top: Left, Right

Middle: UrbanStyles VibesHolly Becker Flicr

Bottom: Left/ Right

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