January: What A Month That’s Been

So remember a billion weeks ago (or what feels like a billion weeks) at the beginning of January I revealed my New Years resolutions for 2012…. well blimey I wasn’t expecting 2012 to shoot off with such an amazing start! So far I’ve made some strides in completing project 5, my latest KLC interiors project. I’m currently working on a cinema/living room design for a couple which you can take a look at here. I have also had the pleasure of being interviewed twice this month (Eeeeeek) by fellow blogger & writer Katie of Confessions of a Design Geek and also COLOURlovers which, is due out in the next few months.

In addition to all that I have also discovered some amazing talent in the way of Helen Lang who is a wonderful Illustrator. With so much great, unknown talent out there I’ve started a Beyond Creative series which will house all the creative people I’ve found and met along the way. Likewise my lovelies, I’ve also started a Creative Interiors series which will showcase the incredible interior spaces I’ve seen which have inspired me and of which will pleasantly surprise others. First in the series was Sugar Sin, a Swedish boutique sweet shop – yum yum!

So with January over and out I’m planning to make even more of a dent in my resolutions, discover even more creative spaces and talent and make even more headway in segueing into the interior design industry.

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