HOME / Top Drawer 2012 Highlights

As a designer, blogger and writer I’m always keen and chomping-at-the-bit to seek out new and interesting interior products, furniture and accessories. So you know I just HAD to take a trip to Home 2012 and Top Drawer.  Home is a show that’s new to the interiors world but I completely loved it. If you’re planning on taking a trip there, either today or tomorrow then check out my highlights: 1&2. MAKE International – J20 Great crockery company. I love the personal touch that these products have. Very modern yet has a nice, rustic feel.

3.Coach House – A2 This is a stand you won’t miss, it’s one of the biggest stands at Home. Nonetheless, this is a company which caught my eye. Loads of exquisite interior pieces including chairs, tables and accessories. I really liked this abacus accessory for the home, however I could see this in a chic hotel lobby.

4. White Rabbit England – G24 (Top Drawer) This caught my beady eye at Top drawer. I really liked their ceramic animal lights. Very playful and would look great in a kids bedroom.

5. Victoria Eggs – N95 (Top Drawer) I really enjoyed visiting this stand. Particularly for its wonderful graphic tea towels and mugs. I especially liked the playfulness of its typography  and graphics. They also have a little shop in Islington – London. Go visit Victoria – she gets the HOP thumbs up.

6&7. Sweet William – M83a (Top Drawer) Specialising in personalised ceramics I was drawn to this stand as their mugs really encompassed the whole ‘Made in England’ trend which I’m really loving right now. This is a small company and you can really see the love and care that has gone into making these mugs. I also liked the fact that they could be personalised. Great for gifts, Fathers Day, Mothers Day…

8. Designed in England J28 Last but by no means least I visited this stand and I must say, if you’re visiting the show you must make a visit. Here Augmented Reality meets crockery. The

Unanico group have teamed up with Designed in England to create English Hedgerow. If you take a look at their stunning, elegant plate, download the English Hedgerow app (free from the app store) then point your iPhone at the design, you can see the wildlife plate design come to life! 

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