Bathrooms… I Love

If there’s one place that must be right in the house (other than the kitchen and the living room) it’s the bathroom. After a hard, stressful day at work and that awful commute there’s nothing better than a good pampering session. Over the past five years or so the bathroom has become more of a sanctuary, a retreat. This has stemmed from our love of travel, which has been reflected in our own homes.

If there is one thing I believe in it’s that design must not only look good but feel good. You must feel comfortable, content and ‘just right’ in a space. Here I’ve selected four of my favourite bathroom schemes. 

1. The dark panelling in this bathroom gives it a nice chic feel. It may not be practical for the average home but for a more indulgent feel it is lush. I particularly like the use of this huge freestanding bath which adds to the aesthetic. The ‘ladder’ style shelving is a great way of adding storage to a very minimalist style scheme.

2. This bathroom adds a lot more light into the scheme. This is a great example of how to make good use of an awkward shaped space. The use of natural light in this bathroom bounces across the space also assisting in making it feel more spacious. The use of a soft, pale colour assists with this.

3. I really like this bathroom as it uses zoning to divide up the space, providing different areas for different tasks (as should all bathrooms). I really like the open brick work on the back wall against the glass and mosaic tiles in the rest of this scheme. The natural tones make this scheme feel more ‘spa’ like, giving it a relaxing feel.

4.This scheme definitely shows my glamorous side. The glamour has been interrupted via the mosaic tiles with a splash of fuchsia pink in the accessories. Again the light really shines through showing off the stubble lavender-white walls.  Adding a little sparkle and glamour to a bathroom scheme in the way of tiles gives it a classic, chic feel without making it look cheap or tacky.

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What do you think of the bathrooms I’ve chosen? Which one is your favourite?

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