Show Me What You’re Working With

Hello everyone *waves* 2012 has really filled me with even more determination than the last and having been working on one of my interior projects over the weekend I thought I’d share it with you. If I’m gonna stick to my New Years resolutions I’m gonna have to get cracking to finish my Diploma. 

The brief is to design a home cinema for a young, married couple who are both successful in business. Although this couple have a large house in Islington (North London), there is sadly not enough space to dedicate an entire room for a home cinema. The space is L-shaped with a large kitchen and informal living area. The couple would like the living area to be turned into a home cinema but at the same time retain it’s current use. When using the space as a cinema they want to be able to seat 10 to 12 people with a large screen but would still like to use the space to watch TV as a family when they are not entertaining.

So, taking all that in from the brief I have divided the space up, dedicating a comfortably large space for the cinema area. A large screen projector will be concealed and will drop down from the ceiling giving a nice clean design. The speakers will also be concealed in the ceiling and will drop down when in use. Towards the front of the living area will be the family area where the family can hang out and watch TV. I was itching to put down a nice, rich wood floor however, you always have to consider the space and its use. I decided to opt for a nice, luxurious carpet with a deep pile in addition to a lush curtain fabric for the window treatment. This will assist acoustically with the sound, making it less echoey. 

It’s still a ‘work in progress’ but I enjoy transforming and creating these spaces. All of my technical drawings like the ones above are done by hand by moi

Let me know what you think…

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