2012: A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Hurrah It’s 2012 – Happy HOP New Year everyone! It’s a new day, a new year and I’m an avid believer in the phrase ‘A change is as good as a rest’! Ahhh….and what a rest I’ve had – although I must admit I have over indulged a little bit.

Credited: flickr.com/photos/gchic

So over the past few days I sat down and assessed my blog (as well as opening presents, watching the back catalogue of Harry Potter and spending time with my precious family) I felt that it was missing one little thing – Me! …and more of my personal style. For personal reasons I have held back a little bit but fast-forward 24 little hours and in 2012 I pledge to give more of me, what I think and feel about interior design and more importantly what I’ve learnt along the way. 

Credited: flickr.com/photos/mywallart3dwall

My New Years resolutions this year are three simple things;

1) To finally get my size 7’s permanently in the interior design world

2) To give more of my personal style & knowledge to the HOP world

and finally… 3) To complete with flying creative colours my KLC OL Diploma in Interior Design & Décor.

I’ve also decided to enrol on Holly Becker’s forthcoming Blogging Your Way course which will commence this April. I’m very excited about it as I’ve met Holly and she is very inspirational, in particular her story. Why not enrol with me guys?!

To help honour resolution 2) I have an announcement to make…. To get into the spirit and for a much needed change my blog will be getting a fabulous makeover. Stay tuned for a sparkling new space…………..

Eeeeek Excited! Happy 2012 everyone

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