What A Difference A Year Makes

Oh my lowrd, where has the year gone. I mean, I remember toasting to 2011 then the next I’m about to party like it’s 2012. The past 365 days have flown by but have been some of the most creative I’ve seen in a long time! This year my new years resolution has been to get my size 7’s into the interior design industry and although that hasn’t quite materialised in terms of a tangible job it has manifested into some amazing opportunities. It started off with an interview at John Cullen Lighting with the fabulous Lucy Martin, such a wonderful and talented lighting designer. Although it was just an interview I learnt so much about lighting from that interview process than I could in a class. Such an amazing company. Although I didn’t get the role it was a great experience. Shortly after I ‘virtually’ met the lovely Arianna Trapani – Interiors Blogger and Editor of Heart Home Magazine who featured me on her wonderful blog Arianna Interiors. This also lead to a feature on MyDeco.

I then went on to gain a great intern position at interior design house Tara Bernerd & Partners. What a great experience that was. I adore Tara’s personal and design style so it was such a pleasure to intern there.

Image: Tara Bernerd & Partners

Shortly after that internship my creative life exploded! I started blogging and created House of Paul (HOP) Interiors and from that point, I added another dimension to my creative world.

In such a short space of time (eight months to be exact) I’ve met my design heroes Kelly Hoppen MBE (twice – Eeeek!) and the wonderful Jonathan Adler. I’ve also been privileged to cover some amazing interior shows and events. Through my blog I’ve showcased and met loads of new, talented creatives, I’ve met Holly Becker (Creator of Decor8 and author of Decorate) at her seminar at 100% Design London and have given away some great gifts along the way. 

Image Credits: Top Left – Talk PR, Top Right: Muralto

Image Credits: First image: webdesignhot.com, Second image: howtosendit.com

So although I didn’t reach my initial New Years goal I have achieved so much… So as 2011 fades away and a night of partying begins, I want to wish all my readers, followers, friends and those I have met along the way…. A Happy and Creative New Year! 

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