Guest Blog: By Sofas and Stuff: Best of British for Christmas

We like to think we are the experts in comforts and with Christmas on the horizon, there’s no better time to get comfy on the sofa. We’re already thinking of the carol singers, mistletoe and mulled wine – at this time of year, there’s no better place to be than right here in Britain. So in the spirit of the forthcoming festive season, we thought we would bring you our picks of the best of British produce and products for you and the family this Christmas. And all of them can be enjoyed while snuggled up on the sofa…
So now we’ve sorted the sofa, what else can we add to the mix to make the perfect Christmas scene? As promised, here are our top tips for the best of British Christmas goodies.

Mince Pies

The search for the perfect mince pie is a long and arduous road but can there be anything more quintessentially British than mince pies from the internationally famed Harrods? These beautifully made mince pies are made with cranberries and are perfect with a scoop of clotted cream – go on, it is Christmas after all!

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is another Christmas classic and is the perfect ingredient to warm your cockles on those cold winter nights – it’s the perfect beverage to enjoy snuggled up on the sofa. But why settle for an off the shelf bottle, when you can make your very own using these traditional mulled wine bundles from one of our favourite foodie haunts, The Bay Tree.

Christmas Stockings

Even though we’re meant to be all grown up now, there’s still something magical about hanging up a stocking on Christmas Eve, especially if you have kids! We just love these handmade stockings by Tickety-Boo – they are all handmade and can be personalised with the name of your choice.


Continuing with our lust for handmade British goodies, we’ve moved onto another festive essential – crackers! Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without crackers but with these amazing creations, you won’t have to settle for the usual rubbish plastic toy. All these crackers are handmade by Designer Crackers and they’ve had orders right from the top, including 10 Downing Street.

Wallace and Gromit DVD

All images have been supplied by Sofas and Stuff

Christmas just isn’t complete without watching a few Wallace and Gromit re-runs on the telly. There’s just something about these loveable creations and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without watching at least one of their instalments. A little bit of a silly one, but a firm favourite of ours during the festive season!

So that’s all for now folks but we’d love to hear about your top picks for the best of British this Christmas – just leave a comment, who knows there may be room for round two?

Brought to you by Sofas and Stuff – makers of beautiful British sofas.

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