Book Review: J’adore Decorate

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Through my blogging and interiors journey I started hearing about a fabulous Designer, Blogger (DECOR8), Writer and Author called HOLLY BECKER (all positive of course). Having been so eager to review this book you could only imagine my excitement when a copy DECORATE landed on my desk!

Forget what you think you know about decoration books as a whole as this cleverly-put-together interiors bible takes it to a whole new level. Witten by Holly and Joanna Copestick (Co-Author) it combines over 1,000 ideas in one creatively bursting publication. Instead of dictating to you a ‘how to’ of interior decorating you will be guided through formulating ideas from, a piece of furniture, a fabric swatch to even a painting.

Through the book (full of great photographed room-sets and technical sketches) are four detailed sections; Space Matters, Setting Your Style, Rooom by Room and Attention to Detail. Each section encourages you to develop your own style and adopt a style that FEELS RIGHT for YOU.

This really packs a CREATIVE punch! Full of advice for every aspect of interior design and decoration you will also gain tip-bits from designers such as JONATHAN ADLER as well as Kitchen Designers, fellow Interior Designers and Bloggers.

Love these beautifully photographed interiors throughout

If you’re still reading this instead of purchasing it on AMAZON (RRP £30) then what are you waiting for?! Full of great advice, tips and allowing you to develop and discover your own personal style, this is definitely the interiors book for that keen designer!

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