Crown Patins SS/12 Collection: Press Launch

I have an obsession with colour and rightly so as a designer. Part of great design is the colour of the room or the space. Although colour is only one element of design it has a huge impact on our own mood and can influence how we feel. 

So last week I went to the Press Launch for CROWN PAINTS new colour collection and ‘Interior Stylist of the Year Awards’ to find out their take on SS/12. I managed to speak with Crown’s Colour Specialist – the lovely KATHRYN LLOYD who walked me through the new collection.
‘Summer Jewels’ – One of the SS/12 Trends
One of the colour trends of SS/12 is SUMMER JEWELS. Think Miami Vice and Fizzy Sherbet, to me this palette screams the excitement of a fun-packed summer! There is so much energy in this palette and you can see that the volume has been cranked up for the next season. This collection is my favourite of all the collections as it is playful, fun and has a lot of optimistic vibrancy.
New Direction
With NEW DIRECTION, the next collection, think 80s inspired shades. I love the way the natural colours sit playfully next to the bright neon yellow. It’s all about customising and being individual which was what the 80s was all about back-in-the-day. This collection can easily be adapted to a home scheme from customising a breakfast table to adding a nice splash of colour to a dreary home office. 
Surreal Botanical
As every designer knows, for a long time now the outdoors has been seen as the additional room of the house and this collection – SURREAL BOTANICAL has an essence of this. This palette encompasses plant-like vibrant greens, lush wild shades and elements of deep lavender and poppy.
The MODERN NOSTALGIA collection was the final collection to be revealed. To me it has a very ‘Alice in Wonderland/Art Deco/Vintage’ feel to it. This palette is a lot cooler than the other collections. This scheme definitely has a mix of traditional 50s and quaint British style. 
The Modern Nostalgia Collection
Throughout the event there were these room-sets showcasing the collection in action. I loved the way Crown personalised this dresser (below)and by adding that little detail in the Center you can make it your own.
This is a great way to customise a bedroom dresser 
Those details add a unique touch
Crown Colour Collection including their 2011 top sellers
There is a lot of choice of colours here
Wayne Hemingway MBE was also in attendanceand was part of the panel
My friend Sharlene was also inspired
As you can see extensive research went into the collection
I was also there to attend the‘CROWN INTERIOR STYLIST OF THE YEAR AWARDS’ which was also held in the same space – The Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED lounge in London. It was a great opportunity for Crown to reward and ‘give back’ to the creative community.
Neville Knott – Colour Consultant – Crown Ireland
Accepting the prize of ‘Interior Stylist and Blogger of the Year’
The event was a huge success and the Sawarovski CRYSTALIZED Lounge was a great venue

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