App Review: Whistler Leather

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from studying interior design, from my internships and from the experience I’ve accumulated along the way it’s that clients want to see results and fast. So when I heard that renowned leather company WHISTLER LEATHER were launching this great app through Apple where you can view, select and order samples I was eager to download it and test it out!
Whistler has a wide range of leather
Once downloaded you’re good to go. I love the fact that the entire catalogue of leathers are available at your fingertips. Just by tapping on a leather sample you are able to go to the alternate view below giving you a closer look at the sample itself. 
One touch button to order samples with clear
true colour images
You can also (by tapping on the viewed sample) flip it around to view the product details. This is really useful for designers or specifiers on-the-go who can efficiently choose leather samples either with or without the client being present.
You can search for leather by code, collection and/or finish
Another plus to this app is that you can also colour-match any fabric, wall covering or even the client’s dog to a sample of leather. Its so easy to do and at a tap of a button you can either choose an image from your iPhone library or take a photo on-site.
Once you’ve selected your samples and are happy with your selection you just simply tap the ‘order samples’ button and this will generate an email including all your sample details which is then sent to the Whistler Leather team.
This has to be one of the most efficient interior apps to date. I managed to catch up with the Whistler Leather team at DECOREX INTERNATIONAL a few weeks ago to discuss the new app. They explained that they realised that mobile technology is moving more and more into our working lives especially from a practical view-point and so it was only natural to create a quality app that would make the lives of the designer and specifier more efficient freeing up more time to concentrate of other aspects of interior design. The app took just over a year to produce as they wanted to ensure that the fine details, the quality and the efficiency of the app was a true reflection of the brand.

I LOVED THIS APP! Thank you Whistler. It’s so easy to use, its efficient and the sample accuracy is great. This will definitely help make the designer or specifiers life much easier. The picture quality of the leathers on display are very clear so it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed.

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