V&ALATE: Summer Camp – MAKE

Images: Credited to V&M
So as you know I’m studying at the moment at The KLC school of design in Interior Design and one of the elements of the course is to start a sketchbook. I’d already started but I hold my hands up, I haven’t done much sketching lately. So to pull my finger out I thought I’d commence on a short Sketchbook course which if goes to plan should help me develop my sketchbook further.
I’d been doing this course for two weeks prior via CITY LIT and had met some really nice classmates along the way. Last Friday was the final class – and what a finale! Our last class was held at the V&M MUSEUM which so happens to be my favourite museum in London. It was also the best weather ever and V&M LATE!
I’d never been to the LATE sessions before so it was a great experience. The drinks were flowing, the music was pumping by the in-house DJ and there was such a positive, creative atmosphere. We all headed to the POWER OF MAKING exhibition which was being held. It was great to see how certain products were made by different countries and cultures and how some have found creative solutions to various problems.
Gorilla made out of coat-hangers
As well as enjoying the atmosphere and the music I did learn and lot and got a whole lot of sketch now. Thanks to the course I did learn the power of sketching and it has giving me the drive to develop my skill further!
Images: Credited to V&M
Images: Credited to V&M
There were various different creative workshops throughout the  V&A
Images: Credited to V&M
Wedgwood lining demonstration at the restaurant
Some of my sketchbook classmates taking a closer look
Loved the DJ who was keeping us in the party mood 
Images: Credited to V&M
There was such an amazing, relaxed atmosphere outside

I LOVED the V&A’s late night event and I will definitely go back for the next one which will be all about POSTMODERNISM. There was a good vibe, lots to do and lots to soak in. As for the course – I loved it, it was enjoyable and was so glad to have met such a nice group of people!

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