DULUX A/W11: Twilight Cinders

Although you wouldn’t have thought it from the weather we’ve been having lately, its a new season! Autumn(Fall)/Winter is here and that means new colours! I interviewed Rebecca Thompson – DULUX Colour & Design Manager to get the latest news on this years key interior colour!

HOP: What is the concept behind Twilight Cinders 1

RT: Twilight Cinders is inspired by the wider trend for a renewed appreciation of simplicity. For some time now we have been trying to fit more into our lives – bigger houses, better cars and more gadgets, but at last we have stopped, looked around and realised that it is not these things that make us happy but the simple things in life which give us pleasure. Reconnecting with family and friends, wholesome food and the beauty of nature all take a more significant role in our lives. From fashion to food we have lived in a world of mass production for too long, but colours like Twilight Cinders capture a sense of mellow relaxation, which reminds us to slow down and enjoy the imperfect and the unique. After all lumpy, misshapen fruit still taste as sweet.

HOP: How did you decide on this colour for A/W11

RT: We’ve seen a strong trend towards deeper, richer shades over the last few years, particularly within reds and violets that are set to continue. Colours, which add a mellow and honest feel to our homes, are becoming increasingly popular and Twilight Cinders really captures that look, inspired by the simple things in life like wild flowers and juicy berries.

HOP: Which key colours run alongside this seasons key colour?

RT: This robust colour looks really authentic when accompanied by crisp, white woodwork and natural materials. For real warmth, pair Twilight Cinders 1 with a juicy fruit tone that’s similar in depth like Summer Surprise 1 to create a really harmonious space that’s perfect for entertaining. Alternatively, combine with a dusty grey based violet like Potters Clay 2 for ultimate relaxation. Accessorize with crisp sky blue and accents of warm coral to complete the look.

HOP:  What are your favourite colours for the A/W11 season

RT: Rich berry tones in general fit perfectly with this season and when teamed with tangerine, a colour we’ve seen a real resurgence from in both fashion and interiors this year, it gives a space real depth and character. Orange, for me, really represents the seasonal change from summer to autumn with the baking sun to the falling leaves and like red, it’s embracing, inviting and strong but with a more care free spirit. My favourite shade is Auburn Falls 4 with its uplifting warmth for a playful palette especially when combined with a deep berry shade like Russian Velvet 3. Visit www.dulux.co.uk to check out these unique shades and try them out for yourself.
HOP: What else can we expect to see for A/W from Dulux 
RT: We’ll be sponsoring and exhibiting at Grand Designs Live Birmingham again in October, bringing along all our unique colour help tools and services developed specifically to find that perfect colour for your home. Plus they’ll be experts on hand for practical and design advice so come down and visit our stand, Dulux Let’s Colour Studio –http://www.granddesignslive.com/interiors/ You can also continue to catch up with the latest colour and design trends through our Facebook page, Dulux Let’s Colour, and even get some expert colour advise for your home from our consultants.

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