Decorex International:: Round Up

If TENT LONDON is the quirky persona of the interiors season and 100% Design is the ‘on-tend’ fashionista then DECOREX INTERNATIONAL is the ‘Lady of the Manor’. DECOREX is an annual trip for me and I try to attend every year. This year though, DECOREX really did surprise me!
I really loved the CHERISHED PLACES THEME this year. 
It gave the show a nice, inspiring feel and it felt more relaxed and less ‘stuffy’ then pervious years.
Ahoy Sailor – Loved the entrance

The wonderful DECOREX entrance designed by the phenomenal NICKY HASLAM and COLETTE VAN DEN THILLART
LOVE these lolpop inspired lights
From high-fashion to high-fashion furnishings!
I LOVE this ‘Hummingbird’ Alexander McQueen Rug exhibited by
The Rug Company
Vivienne Westwood sprinkles her design magic from wall coverings to textiles. I love these!
The slick polished look of this years seminar suite was a winner for me. I attended the ‘FROM BLOGS TO SHOPS’ seminar which was tres tres inspiring!
stand really caught my eye! I adore these summer inspired colours. Here they were exhibiting their latest colour palette
Love was in the air! literally at the Champagne bar designed by MARTIN HULBERT
These Japanese design really blew me away. There were designed by a fellow KLC (Alumni) student OF BIDEN DESIGNS
LIZZEN ALLEN – a print designer is a highly talented
young lady! She also had her designs featured in the  Press Suite
These lollipop inspired lights look good enough to eat!
Congrats to The ‘So to Bed’ stand who won ‘Best Stand’ for their Beach House 
DECOREX library! An oasis to your chillax and take it all in 

I was very pleasantly surprised by the cherished place of DECOREX this year! It was fresh, more relaxed and less ‘stuffy’ than previous years. The show also injected some new, young designers which helped the show to feel much warmer which I really liked. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the 2012 show!

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