Book Review: PATCH! Cath Kidston

CATH KIDSTON(CK)has always been able to catch my eye – especially due to her distinctive, signature-style vintage prints. I’m not someone who would go out and buy the whole store but I must say I adore my Mac Pro cover and IPhone4 case too! Each time I look at it I never get bored or think that I need a change because it ticks all the boxes!

So when I heard that Cath’s latest book PATCH! was due to be released shortly (November 7 to be exact), I thought what better book to review than this. PATCH! Is all about the traditional art of patchwork. It gives you the opportunity to not only discover the fine art of patchwork but to also understand appliqué (which as a new term to me – discovered during the Royal Wedding on Kate Middleton’s dress) and to add your own unique spin on the designs.

The book doesn’t launch into the designing bits straight away which is great because as a newby you need to get to know the basics first. It tells you what you need, how to start and the terminology. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics you can get cracking on making some amazing furnishings. The book comes with some really good accessories/materials such as the signature CK handles, fabrics and the CK logo which you can add to your designs.
What I like about the book is that it’s not overwhelming as some books can be. Not everyone may be a whiz at sewing and patchwork so it’s very clear and detailed without being too complicated. Secondly you can fleet from project to project which means that you don’t have to just stick to one. Plus the projects are varied! From cushions to kids toys, bags to textiles there are 30 projects packed into this 160 page book.

Images: Supplied by Cath Kidston Ltd – Photographer: PIA TRYDE


PATCH!  is a great new edition to the world of Cath Kidston. It’s a great, fun way to learn the art of patchwork without any stress. It comes with accessories/materials which will help give you that store brought CK feel and to help you get started. And for £16RRP it’s definitely a bargain. I say – get it!!

The lady herself CATH KIDSTON will be signing copies of her new book PATCH! at the newly refurbished store at SELFRIDGES LONDON on October 6 between 6-7pm.

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