LDF: 100% Design

Having already been to TENT LONDON and DESIGN JUNCTION I was ready to visit one of the most popular shows of the season – 100% Design.

100% DESIGN was indeed full of creative products but I think 100% Korea Design stole. The products were so out-side-the-box and innovative.  

Check out my highlights from this here show below…

Ta-Rae lighting – a design inspired by spools of thread
The lamp shades come in a variety of colours and creates a visual rhythm 
NJ Lighting Co. – loved their mesh style ceramic lighting. This would make a wonderful lighting effect on the wall
These chairs were so adorable and would look great in a nursery. The fabric & wall coverings were designed by Paperboy
This is a great take on the magazine holder! I loved its egg shape and the various colour combinations and materials it came in. Really liked the leather too.
Why go small! This is definitely an eye-catching bookcase designed by French company Morph in Design
The highlight of the show for me was attending the ‘BLOGGING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS’by Holly Becker.
This is such a great architectural take on the table and bench design

Although I wasn’t 100% wowed by the entire show, 100% Design never fails to show wonderful products and inspirational seminars. The highlight for me was Holly Becker and 100% Korea Design!

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