Heart Home Magazine Launch Party

Oh What a night! Yesterday haled the start of a wonderful digital magazine publication – Heart Home Magazine. Like many I couldn’t wait to see the first edition, especially as I’ve had the pleasure to know Arianna herself – a great fellow blogger Arianna Interiors.
Carole, Daniel and Arianna
The magazine is just fantastic! Full of real-life interior stories, interior and fashion finds and news all packed in a great digital magazine. As the new kid on the block ‘Heart Home’ can stand tall on its own as an interiors online publication. There are three brains behind the magazine – Editor-in-Chief Arianna Trapani & Carole King and Art Editor Daniel Nelson. As strong leaders they head up a creative army; illustrator (Gemma Milly), writers and contributors who have all come together to create a wonderful publication.

I grabbed a few minutes to interview Arianna to celebrate the launch. Check it out…


Launch party in full swing at the Conran Shop – Sloane Avenue

HOP: Congratulations on the first edition of Heart Home magazine. How did the idea come about?
HH: There was a lot of discussion on social media about digital magazines. One of them being why wasnโ€™t there a British online magazine yet?! With so many from the US and from Australia there was no real UK lifestyle digital magazine so it was definitely an idea that was out there waiting to be grabbed by someone. It was something that I started to think about and a few days later I met up with Carole King (dear designers blog) and we started having a long discussion about it. It was clear we both had the same vision for an online magazine but were not sure how to go about it. It all seemed a bit daunting at first. However shortly after at another design meeting we ran the idea to Daniel (Atelier Tally & mydeco)  and he was just as enthusiastic as us. Being a graphic designer and a social media genius we realised we had the perfect team. From that moment we never looked back and just went for it.

Heart Home Illustrator – Gemma Milly
HOP: How has the transition from interiors blogger to interiors journalist been
HH: Oh I wouldn’t call myself an interiors Journalist, I’m a blogger right till the end. That’s the difference of a digital magazine, it’s about bringing fresh content on a totally new dimension. I suppose there is more work than running your own blog but then that really depends on your blog. Some blogs are like proper magazines. So really I don’t think there has been a transition.

HOP: What is your favourite feature of the magazine

HH: I cannot really pick just one. I have loved going onto photo shoots, meeting the home-owners and looking at their homes. That is the best part of the job. I have also enjoyed working with the lovely photographers and stylist too. Also meeting new interesting people as well, it’s all about inspiring people who inspire us ๐Ÿ™‚

HOP: What are the three things you cannot live without
HH: 1. Family & friends – nothing makes sense without them!  
        2. BlackBerry– I’m always on the go so this is my saviour! 
        3. Food – without fuel I cannot function ๐Ÿ˜‰
Me with fellow blogger Katie Treggiden of ‘Confessions of a Design Geek’

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