Guest Blog: Mid-Century Modern Design

Hi there! This is Jenn and I write for Arcadian Home Decor — an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor and design ideas from North America, Europe and beyond, and I love being a part of their creative team. I’ve always had a love for home decor, especially streamlined mid-century designs like the ones presented on House of Paul Interiors, where her posts always showcase great trends and fabulous spaces. Thanks for letting me guest post Mary-Ellen!
Mid-century home decor dabbled in bright shades, curvaceous furniture, loud patterns, and even new home accessories like metallic wall hangings and light fixtures. In modern design, trends are drawing on the influence of the 1950s and putting a new spin on things. Here are eight mid-century modern design ideas.

An Organic Palette
Mid Century Modern Design
Elle Decor (via)

While the colours of this space may be earthy and reminiscent of the 1950, the individual home accessories, such as wall art, are quite contemporary.

Field of Creams
Mid Century Modern Design
decorpad (via)

Because geometric prints were all the rage in mid-century home decor, the table decorations and lamp base are what give away the hints of retro style. The remainder of the room, however, is very present-day.

The Double-Duty Room
Mid Century Modern Design
Interiors and Design Less ordinary (via)
A space that pulls double-duty as a workspace and bedroom also boasts mid-century modern design, with a mixture of old fads like the tulip chair to new trends such as a cowhide rug.

Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Mid Century Modern Design
 Cococozy (via)
Retro-inspired furniture in bold colours is a style that is back and more popular than ever. The neutral background and floor-to-ceiling windows come together with these throwback pieces seamlessly.

Statement-Making Metallic

Mid Century Modern Design
Home Design Luxury UK (via)

In the 1950s designers started to experiment with metallic materials, and in this living room, copper and bronze hues reign supreme. The vintage chairs may be antique but the streamlined built-in furniture and window panels are very contemporary.

Mid-Century Melange
Mid Century Modern Design
Interior Design Files (via)
The ingredients for a snazzy old yet new living room is this: rich colour, posh tufted furniture, and mid-century wall art. And that’s it!

Lovely Lattice Work
Mid Century Modern Design
Odi et Amo (via)
Lattice-work chairs were an elegant choice for dining rooms several decades ago and again for 2011. The rich wood paneling and wainscoting are present-day luxuries.

Cutting-Edge Cuisiniere
Mid Century Modern Design
Atomic Indy (via)
The blue plastic and mesh kitchen chairs may bring back memories of mid-century cafeterias, but in a modern kitchen they look decidedly chic. The motif on the curtains keep the retro feel alive while the frosted cabinet doors are a common feature in today’s kitchens.

Any thoughts on our Mid-Century inspirations? Comments are welcome!
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