Kurt Geiger – Candy in a Shoe Store

Have you ever wondered what would happen when fashionistas and designistas (my new name for interior designers) combine to make great interior design! Well its here – the new Kurt Geiger store on Grafton Street – London.
The Kurt Geiger Shoe Chandelier
I thought I’d indulge my sweet-tooth for cute accessories and innovative design and headed down to the store to see for myself. The creative brains at Kurt Geiger (Rebecca Farrar-Hockley who believes in ‘original design’) and her team came together to create this wonderful sleek, luxury high-end look. My favourite feature is the rotating ‘shoe chandelier’ which makes for a mouth-watering feature in the store window.
I want them all…
Walking into the store you are literally a designista deer caught in the fashion headlights mesmerised by the amazing mirrored walls, the well displayed shoes and the centrepiece in the store ‘ The Candy Range’. The colour palette of sassy siren red, cool steely grey and chrome marry well with the ‘parquet’ wooden flooring.
Candy Accessories Range
And I couldn’t leave the store without making a little purchase. I not only fell in love with  Rebecca Farrar-Hockley’s store design but also with the Kurt Geiger travel card holder (a bargain at £15).

The store is on Grafton Street London and the accessories can be brought exclusively only at this store and online until 6 September.

Kurt Geiger – Grafton Street

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