New Designers 2011

Products pro ducted by Jy Yeon, Suh
New Designers is a graduate show which I never used to go to. I’m not entirely sure why but this year I made sure I got my press pass and went to see the talent. Boy – was I surprised. The creativity and designs that shone through was impeccable! So innovative and forward-thinking. Some of the work which I felt really pushed the boundaries in terms of materials and production were these by Jy Yeon, Suh. An MA graduate from Central Saint Martins, she has created the brand ‘BOJAKI’ which uses alternative forms of furniture and objects using low tech production to enable easier transportation.
I adored this beautiful light produced by Jy Yeon Suh – MA CSM Student

This structure by Max Carins was such a great eye-catcher. The idea behind this was to recycle and reuse raw materials, making them into something unique. I loved the way he recycled these wood-chippings into a cozy cushion structure.

By Max Cairns

I literally died with excitement when I saw Freyja Sewell’s HUSH creation. It’s like a cozy cocoon made from 100% wool felt, wool yarn, recycled wool fibbers and plywood.

The HUSH chair by Freyja Sewell

By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a quiet, natural space. The HUSH can also be transformed to provide more traditional open seating. I’ll take one please!

Innovative Lighting by Gregg Parsell at Gregg Parsell Design
Hywel Vaughan with his ground-breaking agricultural technology

Although not interiors based I did like Hywel Vaughan’s Woodland Plotter IdeationTo make the process of obtaining data for applying for woodland grants easier, the woodland plotter combines GPS technology and user entered meta-data about what is being recorded; all connecting to the MyForest system.  This allows users to record all of the information needed, in situ, then upload it straight into a woodland management system. No tape measures, no graph paper, no fuss.

To find out more about Hywel and his products do have a look at his website.

Unique designs by Katie
VERDICT: I’m so glad I went. There was so much inspiration, colour and innovative designs. All those featured have produced some fabulous work.

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