Feature Friday: Gilly Hicks

I came across this store and was blown away by the exterior. Like an American ranch this store definitely has that ‘All American’ feel about it. I walked in and then had yet another heart-attack. I felt like I’d just walked into someones house. The interior is phenomenal.  Think hard oak woods, clear cut chandeliers and girls who look like models – long bone-straight hair and short floral skirts – this place is fantastic. The fitting rooms are just as fabulous. They look like doors to another room in the house. Apparently this type of shopping experience is called ‘Retail Theatre’. Gilly Hicks is the cheeky cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch which specialises in down-undies, clothing, sleepwear and swimwear as well as bath products.
All images taken at Gilly HIcks – Westfield London (White City)
Gilly Hicks is located in Westfield – London and my advise is to check if out and experience it for yourself.

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