Creative Interiors: Innocents’ is Bliss

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to Fruit Towers III (Innocent’s new home after moving offices just after Easter). Like any family once you outgrow your surroundings you have to up sticks and look for a brand new pad. Here I met the innocent drinks PR manager Clemmie Nettlefold who invited me down to take a tour of her new home. 
Having been inspired by an article I’d read last week I grabbed my invite with both hands and headed up to the tower! Guys – ‘This place is amazing’. If there is anywhere to get inspiration from and be inspired within the workplace – THIS IS IT!
The location is great as it’s situated next to the canal in Ladbrooke Grove with outdoor seating and umbrellas this is ideal for chillaxing and for grabbing a Mr. Whippy 99 ice-cream (as the ice-cream van regularly pulls up by the canal) after a hard creative morning. Fruit Towers III is an interesting combination of homemade innocent style and architectural smarts (designed by local architects Stiff & Trevillion). Think grassy floors and walls, a bespoke FSC office desk system made by neighbour Tom Dixon, indoor tea gardens, a sunset facing meditation room, a Willy-wonka esque glass walled product development kitchen, combined with amazing views from the roof terrace across west London, all the way to the centre of town (I even spotted the ‘Gherkin’ building from there)! 

As soon as you enter the building you can feel the innocent atmosphere – bubbly, jolly and above all welcoming. Staff’ are encouraged to take some time-out and even conduct their meetings in this outdoor garden style space. Fruit Towers III also boasts an in-house gym and shower room. 

The innocent philosophy has been embodied inside and out within this design. They have designed ‘The Leaver’ – Last leaver pulls lever. This shuts down all the unnecessary power supplies reducing that carbon footprint and excessive use of electricity. There is also the green ‘time for fresh air’ light which helps regulate the office temperature. When the green light comes on it indicates that the temperature in the office has matched its outside temperature, the air-con switches off and staff can then open the widows, saving energy. 

Fancy a brew? There is a boiling hot water tap for the tea run helping to reduce that excessive use of water and conserves energy supplies.

The innocent office space on the top floor
The lovely staff desks have been designed by Tom Dixon, which are clean, organic and reflect the ‘innocent ethos’.
The staff baby photo wall of fame

  • Staff baby photo wall of fame
  • Staff parties and away days/weekends
  • The faux grass flooring and open plan kitchen
  • The Lord & Lady of the month (staff are acknowledged for their high achievements by becoming a Lord or Lady of the tower. Tiara’s must be worn, there’s a photo-call and your loyal subjects / colleagues must make you teas/drinks/breakfast

What do you guys think of Fruit Towers III? Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below…

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