Book Review: Kelly Hoppen has Fierce Ideas

I had a major interiors moment when MBE Kelly Hoppens’ book landed on my doorstep! I am a major fan and admire her as my mentor and as a designer. There is nothing this woman cannot do. Kelly Hoppen isn’t just ‘all about Taupe’ as some of her critics might assume. Kelly is a fierce interiors mogul who has success eating out of the palm of her hand. From interior design to teaching interiors; from clothing designer to interior accessories, shutters and art work, Kelly evolves and is such a great role model. So when I heard she was launching a new book I just had to review it!

Ideas is the latest publication from Kelly and boy does it have some fierce ‘ideas’! This book is an indispensable source of inspiration, creative problem solving and is so insightful. As you run your fingers through this elegant book you can clearly navigate through the treasure trove of ideas this book has to offer.
Okay okay “Why is this book so good you ask?” Well firstly, Kelly goes through the key elements of design highlighting the fundamental principles of  design. As a designer the key to great planning is using the grid, zoning and flow (as well as incorporating the brief) and this is fully explained in this uber fabulous book.

Room-by-room from flooring to lighting to accessories to finishes this book goes into great depth into how to create a wonderful and unique space.
Kelly Hoppens’ book ‘Ideas’ is now available at £30RRP and you can pick up your copy from all good bookshops but I would recommend Amazon as you can never just go into a shop and pick up a book these days (retail shopping rage).

Why not check out Kelly’s website too – it’s full of so much inspiration!

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