LIVE BLOG: Grand Designs Live 2011

It’s only three days in since Grand Designs Live cut the ribbon open on the event and I was just itching to get blogging on the event. The lovely guys at Grand Designs invited me down for the day to blog live so this is hot of the press/MacBook. The event is fantastic! I mean, the first thing you’d notice instantly is there is an infectious buzz of creativity and interior chic. As always when you first step in you are greeted by the hot pink coloured fabric tunnel like Alice in Wonderland and you arrive at the middle of all the action!
And boy is it active. There is so much to see and do. I’ve only been here for the past 2 hours and I’ve only covered a mere quarter of the event. I have seen very innovative companies and products and have already been to the DULUX Let’s Colour seminar. The seminar started off by explaining the relationships we have with colour, how we see how and which colours gel with which. There are so many tools offered by DULUX which can help make the difficult task of choosing the right colour scheme much easier. The Let’s Colour app (which is featured on my blog) is great for selecting colours on the go as well as explaining your colour scheme ideas. They also offer an interior design service where you can obtain expert advice on your interior ideas.

My favourite stands so far are;

Black Orchid Interiors, an online based interiors company with a traditional-classic twist. This is definitely my forte. The traditional yet sleek designs are fantastic and worth a look. The company established in 2004 and I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Chamley it’s founder today. I managed to get an inside scoop and was told that the company has plans to expand and open concession stores in the future. I can definitely see some of these pieces sitting well within Selfridges – London.

The Radiator Gallery is another fave so far. It has a wide range of very innovative radiators which are anything but the norm. You can even have your own photo added to the radiator adding both fun and warmth to your interior scheme.
Yes this is actually a radiator

I also attended ‘The Big Debate’ talk with the Housing Minister Grant Shapps MP, Kevin McCloud and other quest speakers. I still have the Let’s Colour stand to check out though.
‘The Big Debate” including Kevin McCloud and Housing Minister Grant Shapps 
MP along with Ted Stevens (National Self Build Association) and Geoff Stow Trustee – AECB

Part 2 and a full feature to follow…

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