App Store Glore

With mobile phone being just as essential as breathing thee days it always handle to have those little accessories with you to make your handbag/manbag lighter! I adore the Iphone4 and believe me if you don’t have one… you need one.

The Apple ‘App Store’ has a mind blowing selection of apps which can be used by any interior designer making life so much easier!

Here are my top 5 apps:

1. Kelly Hoppen Home Style
This is my favourite and a highly recommended ‘download now’ app. This app boasts over 40 stunning tutorials, Kelly’s step-by-step design guides and top tips in addition to an inspiration section. It is very user friendly and with so much information all housed in one beautiful, Hoppen chic app its well worth it. I have this one and use it constantly – Thank You Kelly!

  Courtesy of Kelly Home Interiors

2. iTalk

iTalk is an app I’m constantly using. As a designer and blogger I am always going to shows or talking to various interesting people for interviews and the best way to get everything down without frantically rushing for that notepad and pen is to use this app. It’s extremely user friendly and allows you to title your recordings then sync them to other devices. This app has made my life easier and it’s definitely worth a try.

Courtesy of Griffin Technology

I love this app. I tend to use Dulux paint a lot for my interior projects purely for its superb colour range and application. The app encapsulates the entire range and allows you to colour match, explore different colour schemes and even attend a masterclass via your iPhone with the videos enclosed. Thumbs up for sure!

4. Convert Units!
This is so handy as everyone (well depending on what spectrum of the trade you’re from) talks in different measurements. As a result I say DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! With a quick click of a button you can convert millimetres into metres, centimetres to inches. You can also convert different speeds, pressures, power, mass and areas. This is well worth a download.

5. IPhone Camera
It’s a simple one but a good one! Never underestimate the power of the IPhone. Built into the IPhone this camera has amazing clarity and focus. Great for taking on the go pictures of your interior finds and/or wallpaper and lighting.

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