Inspired By Coco Chanel

So the other day I sat down after a relaxing day to watch my copy of ‘Coco Before Chanel’ which had been sitting in my DVD collection for about a year. Having been moved by the journey of Alexander McQueen I was intrigued at how Gabrielle Coco Chanel became CHANEL.

The film blew me away! Coco was an orphan at a mere twelve years old and through sheer passion and talent she carved out this phenomenal career as a hat designer and couture power house. If I learnt anything from the film it was that it doesn’t take money to get you the career and opportunities you want, it’s all about good old fashioned passion and talent! Unless you’re actually the heir of an empire, a career such as this does not fall into your lap and even so those empires started off small with passion and talent. Throughout the film you learn that Coco learned her trade through learning to sew when she was an orphan and through her life used and developed those skills. Along the way she met some wealthy but skilled ‘mentors’ who helped to enhance her talent for sewing. What I admire is that she had her own style and went against the grain to push her own ‘Masculine Style Philosophy’.  In 1910 Coco opened her first hat shop only a few doors down from No.31 on Rue Cambon – a fashionable street in Paris.
Later on she opened the chic emporium boutique that is No.31 Rue Cambon where she created and developed her clothing collection and where she also had her apartment.
I am captured by the buildings beauty and elegance. The iconic black and white of CHANEL embodies the chic, timeless and classic yet traditional element of Coco. I aim to visit the boutique this summer and look forward to seeing the exterior and interior up close and personal.

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