Crawling With Culture

Maggies-Culture-Crawl-HOP-Design-Studio-Blog-2Blogging about a charity at first glance might not be something you’d instantly think I’d write about however, embracing architecture, culture and interiors is a profound element to the success of Maggie’s Cancer Trust. Maggie’s is a charity which offers free, practical & emotional support to those with cancer in addition to their family & friends. Great architecture paired with a unique yet stimulating interior has always been the keystone to the care that Maggie’s provides. And with that, each year hosts the Maggie’s Culture Crawl – a fun yet jammed-packed cultural run/walk/crawl to both raise awareness & funds to their cause.

Having attended the press preview a few weeks ago, I can tell you all that this year goes beyond the creative boundary and into a discovery of hidden spaces, people & places. I can reveal that this year’s crawl will take runners through to hidden creative spaces like the Chelsea Physic Garden, design practice Foster + Partners Studio (who are the official architects behind the Maggie’s centres) and the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The route also takes you through to hidden corners such as Brompton cemetery and Hyde Park Corner with a tonne of cultural surprises along the way from a variety of creative disciplines. The event’s curator, Sandy Nairne told us;

“It’s a privilege to curate the 2015 Maggie’s Culture Crawl, a 15-mile cultural night-walk that will cross London. As a selector…this is the most intriguing creative and curatorial challenge. My theme for this year is People and Places. I like the idea of telling stories that connect people to places that may not get noticed – finding the hidden connections“.

With a 6:30pm start the culture crawl will take place on Friday 18th September, and with the night tube running all night you’ll be sure to have a fun, relaxed ride home. Sign-up for the event and take part.


Gray & Willow X House of Fraser

I’m a complete interior sucker for great design, style and effortless beauty so when the House of Fraser press team got in touch to tell me about their latest interior birth-child I had to investigate further. Gray & Willow is a fresh, relaxed in-house collection curated by the House of Fraser team. Paired with a Scandi feel & flair, the collection embodies warm earthy tones, natural materials and simple, pure design. Priced at a very reasonable, and tasty,  price-point the new AW15 collection comprises of everyday home essentials and sought after pieces, which will enhance your personal space. The new Gray & Willow collection will be dropping in stores this September. Take a peek at some of the pieces I’ve picked out, colour matched & priced below.

Gray-&-Willow-House-of-Fraser-HOP-Design-Studio-Blog-Bathroom-inspirationImage Credited: House of Fraser (Edited by Mary-Ellen Paul) – Prices all correct at time of publish.


Spring Cleaning My Blogging Space

It sounds like only a few months ago that I announced a blog redesign here on my blog, (that’s because it was). A blog space can be one of those tricky things. If it doesn’t feel quite like home and if it doesn’t feel ‘just right’ you can’t force it. So, it was for those reasons that I decided to take that creative plunge to redesign and have a reshuffle of my blog. For me, blogging has always been an evolutionary experience and since completing my studies I’ve been exploring a variety of creative disciplines. These have included graphic design, fashion, illustration and photography. The essence of my blog is what has always driven me to write, creative and evolve. My blog is a creative space for my readers, followers, and those who might be a little curious, to stop by, take a sit and delve into my creative blog. Extending my passion of interiors, in a space that now feels more like home, you can expect to see more relevant & interesting interviews with new designers, as well as products and photography right here.



I’m Feeling Smug

It’s easy to feel sightly smug in Lizzie Evans interior & lifestyle store Smug. Located in the creative part of Islington there is always a huge wishlist for me upon entry. These wooden owls (1) certainly top my list and make for great subtle splashes of colour across the home. Anyone looking for a nice housewarming gift will certainly like these, pumpkin coloured large plates (2). Stripes are a classic staple so pairing them with this Kangan Arora Lakir Cushion (3) will give you some instant interior points. Although we’ve officially fit summer, it’s always good to be paired for a little chill. As such why not snuggle up in this cool (4) mint geometric blanket. Looking for an unusual house gift? Mix it up and add a little fruity side to someone’s home with a (5) blue Pineapple Vase. All my friends & family will tell you that tea is one of my favourite drinks. You can’t beat a good cuppa tea! So what better way to serve it than in this (6) White & light blue porcelain tea pot designed by Scholten & Baijings.

I’m a stickler for a good bag to carry my essentials, that is why I really like this (1) mini cross body bag by M.Hulot. Just because I love pineapples (2) this knitted pineapple by Donna Wilson is a great summer treat for the little ones. Sticking with the fruit theme add a fruity twist to your accessories with this cute (3) watermelon necklace. I’m slightly obsessed with this large zipped purse (4) which is great for storing makeup or your essentials on-the-go. It’s not only the women who can be fruity, the men can too. These fruit inspired (5) men’s socks will certainly put a pep-in-his-step.  Finally, if you think it’s time to add a touch of style to your stationery stash then you must check out this zipped pouch (6) which can also doubles up as a makeup brush pouch.

Smug also stock one of my favourite things – fantastic stationery, which is why I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Just because you want to add a little sunshine to someone’s life – why not send them one of these (1) Hello Sunshine greeting cards. Thinking of starting a new project or attending any exciting interior shows or blogger events? Then you’ll need to jot all those gems down in one of these notebooks. Choose from this (6) mini fragment notebook or this (2) geometric patterned notebook by MULK. I’m a complete stationery buff and love jotting down ideas & notes in my notebook. That’s why I love using my (5) brass pencil – such a neat size and great for penciling in appointments too. I’m also a bit of an ‘organised’ freak and love to have things in-their-place & together. This letter rack (4) is perfect for doing just that whilst adding colour to the home office. Lastly [but by no means least] with so many summer birthday’s and parties coming up I’ve pulled this (3) fruity pineapple & watermelon wrapping paper. Great for both big kids and little ones alike.