Artist Residence Brighton Exterior Door Number

Review: Artist Residence Hotel Brighton


It was just last week when I visited one of the most flamboyant & charismatic hotels in Brighton – The Artist Residence Hotel Brighton. First discovering this little treasure during a press event for Soak & Sleep at their Pimlico site I really wanted to review this hotel but from an interior/tourist perspective. Continue reading


Kickstart Your Career: Choosing a Creative MA

Since graduating from my Masters a lot of curious people have picked my brains about returning to university. This got me thinking about putting a post together, almost like a how-to-guide on how to go about making that thought a reality. Continue reading

Personal Style: Home Made

I’ve never really shared my own personal distinctive style on my blog. By this I mean my personal style for my own home as opposed to my style on an interior project. Many bloggers shoot their own homes for their blog and many of my readers have asked to take a peek inside my own home to see exactly how I put together my own sense of style. The truth is, Continue reading